Risk Management for Family Offices.

Risk Management for Family Offices.

Enterprise Risk Management

In large organisations risk management is not just about pushing paper. Its a proxy-leadership tool that ensures everyone understands their role in the business, encourages accountability, recognises individual contribution, mitigates the impact of inevitable risks, while identifying scenarios that the business must be prepared for.

Above all a risk management regime forces Family Office professionals to ask themselves the hard questions?

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions:


Good risk management underpins the successful delivery of strategic objectives

Once in place, a risk framework is a pseudo-autonomous system of checks and balances, delivering resilience, which addresses a broad array of risk categories:

  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Reputation
  • People
  • Infrastructure
  • Compliance

Streamline internal controls

Successful regimes address:

  • Operational risk mitigation
  • Business continuity and intergenerational transfer
  • Incident management – cyber security / privacy breach
  • Fraud investigations 

Investment Risk Management

Find out how by using SRL Analytics you can undertake powerful investment stress-tests of value at risk (VaR) with Monte-Carlo, Historical and Parametric Simulations.


We benchmark Family Offices in order to help them understand their level of resilience and operational maturity; providing them with different lenses through which to consider each aspect and develop their risk management regime. Our tools and benchmarks can be coupled with access to SRL Opus Consultants who can accelerate growth and ask the hard questions.

Financial Stress Test

Scenarios, factor analysis and efficient frontier. Portfolio manager benchmarking. 

Operational Resilience Assessment

Governance, control and TOM.

TER Benchmarking

Ratios and costs at scale.

External Threat Vector Analysis

Privacy, protection and critical systems for the protection of the family and its legacy.