‘SRL Global’ combines the genesis of Statistical Research Laboratory (our foundation in the financial industry) and our unwavering commitment to redefine ourselves and the industry – by providing definitive Family Office solutions that shape success.

Today SRL Global is the pre-eminent force in Family Office decision making. We build long-term relationships, providing dedicated solutions at the intersection of technology and human expertise – a place where SRL constantly looks for performance improvement.

Dedication & Innovation

Recognising that engaging the right technology partner to digitise Family Office services is mission critical.

Our vision is grounded in premium service and absolute confidentiality. Professional excellence, innovation and data security are part of our DNA.


SRL is globally recognised as the brand that defines what high-performance means in Family Office.

Safeguarding a legacy with cutting-edge technology.


We liberate Family Office Executives to deliver a transformational experience.

Through access to world-class solutions; developed for sophisticated asset management firms; and reserved uncompromisingly for Family Offices.


Privileged to be a trusted partner to the world’s leading families.

For over 16 years, our clients have benefited from the best-in-class operational methodologies and sophisticated data science developed over time. Our clients are our greatest advocates, they value the operational efficacy, unparalleled expertise and the demonstrable impact we have on governance and portfolio performance.

Turning the Dial Podcast.

Episode 1: Data Security in Family Office.

We talk to industry experts on the dangers of a policy-only approach to cyber security and how to genuinely embed behaviours into an organisation.


We invest in talent and drive the market narrative as thought-leaders, as opposed to following it.

High-performance products are powered by motivated, energetic and valued people. We recognise our diversity as a powerful force, foster an innovative culture and celebrate the highest professional standards.


Neil Puri – Group CEO

Rob Deffley – Group CFO

Johnathan Martin – Chief Strategist

David Jervis – CEO (Consulting)

Tuomo Lampinen – CEO (Analytics) & Chief Data Scientist

Benjamin Rushton – CMO/CXO

Simon Wilson – Head of Client Solutions

Prof. Paul Willman – Head of Private Office

Dr. Dafydd Daniel – Lead Architect

Manoj Shet – Head of Global Delivery & Client Onboarding

Kranthi Saala – Head of Technology & Development

Alexia Kobusch – Head of Fund Accounting

Mike Leigh – Head of Infrastructure

Jamie Sparkes – Head of Design & Brand