SRL Global releases a state of the art front-office portfolio analytics platform


SRL Global releases its state of the art front-office portfolio analytics platform for sophisticated institutional grade investors and family offices.

London 1st June 2023 – SRL Global, a leading financial technology company, proudly announces that clients can request access to its cutting-edge portfolio analysis platform. This powerful online tool empowers investors of all levels to make informed decisions and optimise their investment portfolios like never before.

SRL Analytics provides users with a comprehensive suite of advanced analytical tools and robust portfolio optimisation features. 

With an intuitive user interface and a vast array of customisable options. Analysts can explore various asset allocation strategies, backtest investment strategies, analyse historical performance, and monitor risk exposure.

Key Features of SRL Analytics include:


Advanced Portfolio Analytics: Users can access a wide range of analytics, including risk and return metrics, portfolio correlation analysis, Monte Carlo simulations, and efficient frontier optimisation.


Backtesting Capabilities: Investors can evaluate the performance of their portfolios and strategies by simulating historical returns and analysing the impact of different factors on their investment outcomes.


Asset Allocation Optimisation: helps users create optimal asset allocation strategies by analysing historical data and providing insights into the most effective distribution of investments.


Efficient Frontier Analysis: The platform allows investors to identify portfolios that offer the highest return for a given level of risk, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on their risk tolerance.


Risk Assessment: With comprehensive risk analysis tools, investors can assess the volatility and downside risk of their portfolios and take appropriate measures to manage and mitigate risk.

Commenting on the launch, Neil Puri, CEO of SRL Global, stated, “We are thrilled to introduce SRL Analytics to the family office community. Our goal is to provide investors with the tools they need to make better-informed decisions and optimise their investment portfolios with confidence. This platform combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, making it accessible to investors of all backgrounds and experience levels.”


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