Intuitive. Immersive. Collaborative.

Providing unparalleled clarity, control and certainty around private wealth.

Comprehensive, accurate and unbiased.
Front-to-back solutions for the family office industry
SRL Global provide families and their private offices with a holistic and integrated end-to-end institutional-grade infrastructure. Delivering greater clarity, control and insight to Monitor, Measure and Manage their wealth in single ecosystem.

Data Collection

Transaction Level Account Aggregation

Reconciliation and Data Management

General Ledger Accounting

Security Level Performance Calculation

Portfolio Management& Monitoring

Digital Reporting & Portal

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.
Engaging the right technology partner to digitize family office to deliver strategic value, reduce risk and preserve knowledge – is a critical decision.

Our innovative design gives clients full flexibility to select and tailor our solution suite, so that it integrates seamlessly into each client’s operating model and processes however complex.

Clients are then underpinned by an institutional grade ecosystem that will support them and can be expanded as they grow.

The Family Office Reimagined.
Reconnecting information with workflow.
The most precious resource within a family office ecosystem are the people that work in it.

SRL’s communication and collaborative workflows contextualise financial information.

Connecting data and information with workflows allows in-house teams to focus resources on activities that create sustainable value, with the confidence that comes from working with contextual information.