Main Features Of Nexus Platform

SRL Global’s Nexus Platform Is An Integrated Infrastructure That Aggregates Data From Multiple Sources And Offers Consistent And Transparent Reporting.

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Solution Components

The Nexus Platform Strengthens Oversight Capabilities Through The Provision Of An Independent Audit Trail Of Investment Activity, Exposures, Restrictions And Compliance Failures.SRL Global blend the science of proven processes with the insight of industry experts who understand the unique reporting challenges of the most sophisticated families in the world.

01. Data Management 02. Middle And Back Office Operations Management 03. Analytics 04. Reporting 05. CRM 06. Security/Authorisation Management 07. Infrastructure

Data Management

  • Data integration, multi-source and multi-format
  • Data warehouse to consolidate, archive and redistribute all types of investment data
  • Data management automation – provides clarity and quality control of all integrated data
  • Optimised data retrieval for performance, risk attribution calculations and reporting
  • Application Protocol Interfaces – to allow an interface with other applications

Middle And Back Office Operations Management

  • Data enrichment management
  • Data reconciliation, single and multiple source
  • Market data (reference data owned by SRL Global) to align with clients investment data
  • Transaction management, cash accounts, liquidity, re-balances
  • Compliance workflow
  • Business workflow
  • Trade/position breaks, exception management


  • NAV estimate (pricing estimation of your portfolios)
  • Flexible fee schedule
  • Multi-investment, multi-currency share class NAV estimation
  • Supports notionally funded managed account structure
  • Flexible pivot table setup for easy access and analysis
  • Performance measurement for multi-timeline, multi-share class and multi-currency returns
  • Fixed Income attribution
  • Risk attribution and decomposition
  • Equities/balanced attribution
  • Ability to classify and perform drill down analysis
  • Drill-down analysis of attribution effects on a day-to-day basis
  • Key rate risk – Provides breakdown of interest rate curve risk into key rates buckets (3M, 2Y, 5Y, 10Y etc). Analysis of G10 yields curves or user defined yield curves
  • Exposures/Greeks – Exposure analysis for all instruments and breakdown of equity, currency, commodity, interest rate, fixed income and investment exposures
  • Pricing libraries – Rich set of pricing libraries across all asset classes including OTC instruments.


  • Automated dashboard report generation
  • Modification


  • Contacts, companies management that links to investment entities
  • Activities, notes, status management
  • Keyword tagging for ease of search and categorisation

Security/Authorisation Management

  • Compliance alerts/breaches
  • Audited system and error recovery mechanism
  • Variable levels of access and permissions: key for serving multi- generational families and sophisticated executive team


  • Secure, confidential and private cloud based system
  • Secure access to information with the desired level of interactivity and flexibility
  • 24/7 online access
  • Exchange level security
  • Proven industrial infrastructure managed and secured in the SRL Global cloud