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SRL Global Provides Families And Their Private Investment Offices With A Transparent View Of Their Investments, Providing Greater Control, Insight And Tools To Help Monitor, Measure And Manage Their Wealth.

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Nexus Platform

Solving family office challenges around financial reporting is not solely a matter of technology or service alone. Only when relevant data is brought together with expertise can highly individualized management strategies and solutions be developed and executed.

SRL Global manages the entire chain of consolidation, from data collection and entry to the generation of customized reports. Our comprehensive solutions integrate between both internal and external systems to consolidate, reconcile and report across all accounts and holding structures (on-shore and off-shore), asset classes and currencies to create an unbiased and independent view of the family’s complete wealth picture.

The result is the creation of the industry standard for complex, aggregated portfolio reporting. Access to an institutional grade solution means that CIOs and investment committees can better protect families by having more timely and accurate data than was previously available.

Increase Transparency and Oversight With Intelligent AlertsTighten Operational ProcessesRisk Management
Compliance failures: style drift and investment guideline monitoringReal-time fund NAV estimation and fees accrualInvestment exposure, monitoring and extreme market scenario analysis
Counterparty risk and margin monitoringLiquidity analysis and cash managementBenchmark analysis
Investment concentration monitoringSecure communication and disclosureFactor sensitivity analysis