Consultancy & Delivery

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Consultancy & Delivery

01. Overview 02. Consultation 03. Tailored Demonstration 04. Onboarding 05. Delivery / Go Live 06. Training


All clients are different, and have diverse requirements priorities and challenges. SRL Global ensures that the solution is configured to meet these specific needs.

As such, SRL Global invests in the necessary ground-work to understand a client’s businesses, processes, objectives and requirements for now and the future. This is considered essential to empower SRL Global to provide the best solution.

SRL Global works in partnership with its clients through the whole delivery process of the Nexus Platform solution. The highest standard of client confidentiality is maintained throughout the entire relationship.

SRL Global recognises that every client has a unique subset of requirements. Throughout the implementation and delivery process, clients have a dedicated client relationship manager who supports them and is their point of contact. Once implementation has occurred, continued support is provided 24/6. The team involved with the implementation and delivery include: business analysts, system engineers, software developers, systems implementation managers, project managers, operations managers and client service managers.


SRL Global undertakes detailed consultative work with the client, to gather as much information as possible on their requirements, current systems, data and processes. To ensure a perfect solution fit, SRL Global’s senior management conducts this consultation by a series of on-site visits and conference calls with the client.

A business requirements document is produced and provided to the client for review, comments, amendments and sign off. This detailed documentation will contain all that has been gathered on their business and what SRL Global understands on all their needs and their current position.

Tailored Demonstration

Once the client has signed off the business requirements documentation, SRL Global carries out a tailored demonstration to show the client how the technology can work for them, in the structure they require. This enables clients to suggest any customisations they wish to have, so the Nexus Platform solution fully supports their requirements.


Once a client wishes to move ahead with implementing the Nexus Platform, SRL Global then undertakes a very in-depth and extensive job of onboarding. Onboarding is a very structured and detailed process that is managed and undertaken by SRL Global. The very experienced and dedicated onboarding and operations team work with a client’s counterparties and data providers to gain all the data they require, validate the data, reconcile, enrich and input in the system. All through the process SRL Global will stay in total contact with the client and provide regular status updates, by call or email as is required.

Delivery / Go Live

Once the onboarding has been completed, SRL Global then undertakes a series of on-site visits to deliver and take the system ‘Live’. SRL Global recognises all businesses are different and complex and that’s why the team will come out to provide a perfect fit. Extensive in-depth ongoing support is given by SRL Global to ensure that the system is working how the client needs it to work for them, with their data and information. SRL Global gains a client’s complete satisfaction before there is sign off on any delivery.


On-site training is provided, which is bespoke to a client’s needs, as each user will use the system in different ways depending on their role and business. A dedicated client director will discuss training requirements with each client for now and for future training requirement needs. Training/help documentation will be provided as well as ongoing training via, email, conference calls, videos and webinars.