Complete Control And Security of Your Wealth.

Designed for sophisticated asset management firms, reserved undividedly for Family offices.


Complexity Made Simple

Simplify. Automate. Adapt. Grow.

Our software platform has been developed entirely in-house with an unrelenting focus on integrating the latest in technology, security and data processing.

SRL Global blend the science of proven processes with the insight of industry experts who understand the unique reporting challenges of the most sophisticated families in the world.

Data Collection

Quality in, clarity out

We believe integrity and accuracy are the cornerstones of effective investment. SRL global blend people, process and technology to reconcile, aggregate and deliver an unbiased and independent view of the family’s complete wealth picture.

Financial Control

Investment reporting and financial controlling

a single point of book-keeping built on global IFRS and GAAP standards, SRL Global maintain a perfect congruence between the securities accounting and the investment reporting providing a single touch-point for all investment information.

Portfolio complexity is the norm

The platform supports diversified operational structures with multiple banking relationships and complex multi-currency on-shore and off-shore structures.


Flexible & Actionable

Multi-perspective reporting and analytics provides both aggregated and disaggregated views (slice and dice) across complex entity structures, portfolios, strategies, family members and time.

Portfolio complexity is the norm

Supporting diversified operational structures with multiple banking relationships and complex on-shore and off-shore structures.


New investment challenges drive our rapid, continued development to help clients see new risks and realities.

Comprehensive. Proven. Trusted.

By the numbers:

290 Families

5 Continents
18 Jurisdictions

$250Bn +

2000+ individuals