Advisory Council

SRL Global is underpinned and supported by its distinguished family office Advisory Council. The role of the council is to establish focus and direction for the firm, ensuring its activities are in keeping with the complex needs of the firm’s clients. This reinforces SRL Global’s commitment to provide the highest level of service and support to the families whom we serve.

The Advisory Council additionally provide governance to SRL Global on its significant not-for-profit activities and initiatives to give back to the community that we loyally serve.

The Council is independent and meet to review and discuss the major issues facing family offices globally. Positions on the council comprise of practitioners who are specialists within their chosen field and have a deep rooted knowledge and personal understanding of the needs of the firm’s clients.

Roxanne Davies

Managing Director at Parly Singapore Pte. Ltd / Singapore

Nicholas Huttman

Chief Executive Officer at IRR Investments Real Returns S.A  / Geneva

Kevin Irwin

Chief Investment Officer at Knollwood Investment Advisory / Baltimore

Leigh Robertson

Chief Investment Officer at EJS Investment Management SA / Switzerland

Hillel Waxman

Chief Investment Officer at Agora Partners Corp / Mexico